Lending a hand in the community!

Our latest advert for the Big Issue.

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News : ‘The expansion continues’


The next few months will be a fascinating time within our organisation.  We will be developing and growing into not two, but in fact three separate operations, all with very different business models and objectives, and all with their own identity and exciting future.

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Warwick Wealth and Cadiz Asset Management Pay It Forward

Many of you will have seen the Warwick and Cadiz sponsored bibs worn by The Big Issue vendors on our busy streets. There is even a facility on these bibs for you to pay for your Big Issue using a QR reader, so it couldn’t be easier.

As a long time sponsor of the Big Issue and its vendors, we believe that we are helping hard-working individual entrepreneurs make an honest living, providing hope, opportunity and a step up towards self-worth.

So it warmed all of our hearts when we discovered the story of Bongani, one of the local Big Issue sellers, being gifted a car by one of his long-time customers. Please click on the below link to see a brief video of this beautiful interaction. It makes us both humble and proud to be the sponsors of the Big Issue and to provide these wonderful entrepreneurs a daily opportunity.

Hopefully this will stimulate others to emulate our contribution and make a difference to the many thousands of great South Africans trying to make an honest living, day in and day out, month in and month out, come rain or shine!

Jeremy Olivier gifts friendly newspaper salesman with a car

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Spirit Invest


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Adapt or die from climate change!

Whereas Cape Town is emerging from a catastrophic drought, other parts of South Africa are now threatened. This article looks more closely at the United Nations panel on climate change and the ever-shrinking 12-year window we have to avoid a global catastrophe.

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Never Again!

If the tenure of Jacob Zuma was lamented as one of despondency and corruption, President Ramaphosa has made it is mission to inspire a ‘New Deal’ for South Africa and drain the swamp of corruption. This article examines his progress so far.

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Land Expropriation without Compensation

Ever since the 17th century philosophy of John Locke, the concept of individual private property has been central to understandings of democracy. No surprise then that the current national debate about expropriation without compensation (EWC) has been viewed divisively as an attack on fundamental constitutional rights, or the key to the fulfilment of economic democracy for millions of historically disadvantaged citizens of South Africa. This article exams some of the debates and issues a salutary caution not just about EWC, but about the unintended consequences.

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Ramaphosa Deserves Better

After the short-lived Ramaphoria that gripped the country and financial markets, sobering reality has once again set in. There are, however, reasons to be far more optimistic about our country in the post-Zuma era. This article places our current context in perspective.

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Building our Nation through education

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, it is fitting that we focus on the ground-breaking work of the Sprit Education Foundation. Madiba reminded us, “Education is the most powerful weapon in the world…Young people must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest education possible so that can represent us well in future as future leaders.” Tessa Smit narrates how the Spirit Education Foundation is contributing to Madiba’s vision for South Africa.

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Creating Shared Value in South Africa

The bigger business gets, the higher the expectations that it will do good and act in a socially responsible way. Yet, after decades for corporate social responsibility programmes across the globe, critics note that there is precious little to show and in fact, the public’s trust in big business is declining. This has propelled business to rethink its role in society and morph from programmes of corporate social responsibility towards new policies of creating shared value. This article discusses this important shift.

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