Mar 20

Warwick Wealth Matters – March 2023


We are currently travelling through a perfect storm of economic downturn, social unrest, market volatility and banking uncertainty. We’ve been here before and it certainly won’t be the last time we are confronted with such tough market conditions. It is during such times, however, that private client wealth management really comes to the fore.

For Warwick, private client wealth management means placing our clients at the centre of our universe. Observing and adhering to this cardinal principle means that for every situation or set of circumstances, the primary question we ask is: What is in the best interests of our clients? Using this question as the litmus test for our financial planning, risk analysis, portfolio structure, client care, administration and communications, provides clarity of purpose. It is simply who we are, what we are about and why we exist.

This client-first ethos ensures that our professional and business ethics are always measurable against the principle of doing the right thing, even if this is not optimal in purely company commercial terms.

It also means that Warwick attracts specialists who have an intrinsic and professional commitment to client service and client care in the wealth arena. In important respects, this narrows significantly the acceptance criteria for those we employ. While an appropriate professional qualification, such as a Certified Financial Planner is a basic requirement, equally important is the particular qualities the prospective wealth specialist brings.

Many of you will have dealt with the same Warwick Wealth Specialist for years and will attest to the fact that, in addition to reviewing your wealth matters regularly, you are dealing with someone who has taken great care to know you and often your family personally. These may be regarded as soft skills, but for Warwick, this is more than simply a skill-set, it is fundamental to our purpose as a business.

In this month’s Wealth Matters, we focus on the current market issues, but also address how to approach financial planning and management during turbulent times to ensure optimal benefit over the longer term. I hope you enjoy and benefit from your Wealth Matters and as always, if you have any questions of any nature whatsoever, please contact your Wealth Specialist, financial advisor, or call us on our toll-free number 0800 50 50 50, or email us at

Until next time, enjoy the read and take good care out there!