Jul 25

Warwick Wealth Matters, July 2022

Wealth Matters

Inflation, high interest rates and market turbulence. These are not the features one would like to be talking about in this quarterly edition of Wealth Matters, but they are the current defining characteristics we are dealing with in South Africa.

We have to be honest and frank about the past quarter. It has been tough for our country and Warwick has had to remain particularly vigilant in protecting the wealth of our clients, including conducting reviews of their investment portfolios.

With this in mind, we would invite you to be in contact with your Warwick Wealth Specialist, or financial advisor, at any time in order to review your investment portfolio to ensure that it remains consistent with your risk profile and investment objectives.

Despite the current challenging environment, one truth holds and that is that market volatility is a fact of life and history teaches us that it is important to remain invested during these tough times in order to benefit from the inevitable market recovery and upswing.

In this second quarter edition of Wealth Matters, we take the opportunity to update you on some of the important recent developments in the growth of Warwick, including our two new offices in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

We examine the potential and pitfalls of robo financial advice and then invite Cadiz to shed light on local financial markets, before reviewing the turbulent international markets. Appleton then provides some useful guidance on the importance of a correctly drafted Will. We trust that you will find the commentary and insight both interesting and enlightening.

Enjoy the read and please do not hesitate to be in contact with Warwick Wealth on any matter on our Toll-free number 0800 50 50 50.

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