Nov 05


Over the last five years we have met literally thousands of people, in SA, who are confused with regards to their retirement funds or, as they are known in financial services, their compulsory monies. Many people have a number of RA’s (retirement annuities) or other pension entitlements and many of these currently reside at different institutions. They do not always know the value of these investments, they may have lost contact with the person who sold it to them and they seldom have a clear transparent picture of what they are paying in fees. Clearly this is not an acceptable situation.

There is, however, a solution! The Warwick Retirement Consolidator offers you the following …


All your retirement monies are moved from the existing and often varied institutions to just one of SA’s leading financial institutions, a single home for all your RA’s and other pension entitlements.


Once consolidated at one institution, WARWICK open your own individual account at a leading SA securities house (stockbroker) and your funds are transferred. WARWICK are now the appointed asset manager of what then becomes your own bespoke portfolio of retirement monies! You receive monthly reports from WARWICK and a quarterly report from the insurance institution. In addition you will be called monthly by WARWICK to ensure you have received your monthly valuation and statement and to check that you are satisfied with the position. All transactions and trades, as well as fees, are clearly shown, there is now 100% transparency.


Not only do you now have all your retirement funds in one place but total transparency, now allowing you to see how WARWICK reduced your fee costs overall. These significant savings mean your funds perform better and you are therefore financially better off!


Never again will you need to chase a Broker or IFA for information. You receive a monthly statement and valuation of what you are worth, perhaps for the first time ever? You receive a monthly call from WARWICK checking that your statement and valuation has arrived, a call made to you by your “Personal” Client Liaison Officer (CLO). You will also have a “Personal” Administration Officer (CAO) should you ever wish to call WARWICK for additional information. There is also your third “Personal” staff member, your Wealth Manager. The Wealth Manager would have established your bespoke Warwick Retirement Consolidator initially and will visit you periodically to ensure your investment needs continue to match those of the Bespoke Portfolio you now have in place.


Do you want to lower your costs and improve your funds performance? Do you want to know clearly what your pension is invested in, every month? Do you want real service and a team of three professionals caring for you and maximizing your position? Then all you need to do is choose the Warwick Retirement Consolidator. Better transparency, better performance, better service and personalized attention, all this for less than you are paying today!

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