Feb 16

Spirit Wildlife Family

January 2023 blessed us with a visit from Ian who wanted to check up on the Spirit Wildlife Family first-hand. We were very excited to be able to take him to see some of the Moms and babies in the veldt. Whilst driving through the Intensive Protection Zone we came across this beautiful site and were completely blown away. It is always such a privilege to be able to see a rhino and its calf walking safely and freely in their natural habitat and amongst other species. To understand how far this Mom has come in her rehabilitation and rewilding journey is truly humbling. Wyntir required a little extra care this month. With heavy rains and high temperatures, parasites such as ticks and flies are prevalent at this time of year. Rhino Monitors reported an excessive amount of flies around the entrance to Wyntir’s ear canal. Without her ears to protect this area of her body, caregivers assisted by applying some fly repellant.