Dec 15

Spirit Foundation 2015!

2015 saw the 21st anniversary of the Spirit Foundation, proudly founded by Ian Kilbride and Tessa Smit back in April 1994. This newsletter marked the change of name from Kids Foundation to Spirit Foundation. Of all entities he has ever started and built Kilbride is proudest of the Spirit Foundation. The Spirit Foundation was started in memory of Ian Kilbride’s sister Louise Kilbride who passed away in 1984, aged only 19. The launch year 1994, would have marked Louise’s 30th birthday, now the Spirit Foundation lives on and Ian Kilbride is committed to see it celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019 and its 50th birthday in 2044. Asked about the Spirit Foundation recently reaching its 21st birthday, Kilbride stated, “My beautiful sister Louise may have never sadly reached this celebratory age, but she lives on in the hearts of all the Kilbride family and she is also remembered every day through the suburb work of Spirit Foundation.