Jan 19

Spirit Foundation 2015

The Spirit Foundation enjoyed yet another superb year as it celebrated its 21st anniversary as South Africa’s longest running and largest independently run educational foundation, dedicated as it is to Grade 8-12 scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Never seeking to pursue purely academic excellence, but rather looking to create solid, decent, honest and hard working young South Africans, the Spirit Foundation was delighted with the excellent MATRIC results achieved by all of its Grade 12 scholars. Ian Kilbride, founder and chairman said, “Every single year the Spirit scholars inspire and motivate me. They are capable of delivering results that demonstrate the healthy and exciting future South Africa can, and will, enjoy. They are a shining light that defies the dark negativism that often pervades South Africa. I applaud them all and know that every year, under our incredible staff, the results and the positive energy will continue to grow and inspire others, well done everyone from the scholars to the scholar facilitators, from the trustees to our amazing donors, you are a great team.”