Jan 14

Self Hate Speak

Browsing through a local music store I came to the shelf that we all avoid being seen at, the bargain specials! You know the stuff, Max Bygraves greatest Hit (Singular) Abba Songs from a Swedish Sauna, or the more recent one thousand shocking Afrikaner pop star compilations that confound belief that any of it was produced after the 1980’s!

This is not Dutchman music, however, as that is hate speech to an Afrikaner and the music is also not from Holland so drop any Dutchman tag altogether ok, I insist! No it’s probably now Dutch African, intimating the original country of the ancestors as well as the place of current residence, why not, you get Italian Americans don’y you?

Anyway I decided bravely, as a butt stupid Engelsman, I will investigate having myself charged for self hate speech later, to get my Mum Mood Swings, by various artists. It includes well known and previously respected figures such as Laughing Al Greenspan, on the drums, Henry Hank Paulson Jr on the double bass, Gordy Brown on percussion and various Motown CEO’s on mouth organ!

Oh times have changed, have they not?  Dear Alan Greenspan who looked down his intellectual nose at us all, even as he and Hank lectured us on how their way was the only way. He now sits in the front now of the auditorium and takes pot shots at the latest band members, despite the fact that it was his sheet music that got us all in this bad Mood in the first place!

Now, I believe that much of our current malaise is all about Mood,  a negative mood leads to negative markets, returns and sentiment. We are all looking for that base line and a clear picture of just how far the policies and banker greed, of the last five years, have damaged the global economy.

When we find our equilibrium and beat again the mood will change and that is where we start to rebuild again and hopefully without the cockeyed ideas that many central bankers, investment bankers and high street bankers have been allowed to apply before and during this period of cleansing. They were then and are simply now just a bunch of BANKERS.

I would also love to know the name of the PR Company that represents the American car industry, in its plight to remain in business. Yes, that’s a job well done! OK boys off you go in your corporate jets to beg congress for tax payers money, to keep your fat cat jobs while you are already laying off thousands just before Christmas, due to your own management stupidity!

The ability of corporate types to treat the rest of the world with such disdain and at the same time seemingly not know or care that the real world thinks they are morons, is amazing (calm down that’s possibly more hate speech, these corporates types are also a breed of their own you know!)

So what else can I get my friends and family for Christmas? Dad’s getting the world’s shortest book, Everton, Trophies in the 21st Century. Steve my mate gets a single sheet flyer, Kiwi World Cup Victories! and Jooles gets a CD, Rugby Sevens, Australia vs. USA!

Me? Well I will be happy to know we are all together and healthy, family and friends all.  Thirty mouths to feed on Christmas Day and lots of fun, as our families of English and Aussie descent indulge in open and mutual hate speech, but then its always been about having a sense of humour, not taking yourself too seriously and getting into the right MOOD.  Have FUN this Christmas and New Year, enjoy the carols, the tree, the midnight mass and all those things that make Christmas great, just pray you don’t get a Dutch African sing a long CD in your stocking!

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