Nov 05

Reality Bites

I have four fabulous children that I know of (two by blood and two by marriage) I say that with humility and candour, as one day it may turn out that I actually have a couple more out there that I don’t know about, however, in the meantime please don’t tell Mrs K that I said that as I value my life and it is now said only as a way of introducing the idea of one’s own “reality”. So what is your reality, how solid and how happy are you with your life’s reality today? Personally I am one of those people who is never happy, passive, or accepting of their current position, and to be honest I don’t know why that is.

I lost my sister when I was only 21, she was a lovely young woman of 19 and since that day I think I live for two. Any day wasted is a sin, any idea not pursued is cowardice, and lazy and or negative people are to be avoided rather than laughed at or with. Life is for the adventurous, the dynamic, the go getters, anyone with a desire, an idea and or determination. Death to me is acceptance, conformity, mediocrity and supporting Liverpool Football Club, the last being one of the deadly sins!

Get up in the morning and do something different, write, sing, laugh, build, challenge, say “no”, say “yes”, don’t pontificate, don’t mess with someone’s life for fun, and don’t accept failure or fear in your own. Lead and create, smile and encourage and only positive and progressive things, things that you can look back at and be proud of.

In life I believe 100%, and without any doubt at all, that we create our own reality, I believe in Karma. In my past the worst times I ever experienced were when I surrounded myself, or was surrounded by, parasitic and greedy self-serving people, regardless of their profession or so called abilities. So today make a choice and surround yourself with hard-working, honest people, people with integrity and your own life will blossom. Never start believing your own publicity and always question the rationale behind any flattery you may receive, as we all know when flattery is beyond logical reason, so find out what that true reason is. But more than anything, in your own actions, never fail to compliment something that is well done and or positive and, if you know that something is wrong, speak up and seek to have it fixed.
Gore Vidal once said, “Every time one of my good friends is successful a small part of me dies”, that has to be the saddest and most selfish way to live your life and I commit to try and do the absolute opposite to that every single day of what is left of my life!

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