Aug 26

Perfection with the odd Blemish

There are none so blind as those that cannot see!  Goodness that could have been my own epitaph ten years ago, in fact it nearly was. But life has a strange habit of giving us the chance to have another go, it says simply if you try hard enough, if you put in all you can give, and if you never give up, then you can become who you always meant to be and you will become who you deserve to be. If you deserve to be happy, content, respected and at peace then you will be, if you don’t deserve it then you won’t. This recent Credit Crunch has caused a great deal of people to look long and hard at what they are and where they want to be. Many flash toys, flash houses, flash life styles have crumbled and destroyed families and dreams, some would say nightmares!

If you want to make this seem even worse then add the swine flu that stalks the schools of the rich and infamous, looking to spill over into the poorer communities, or we could just dwell on the crime and poverty that surrounds us. But we are not that blind are we?

Do something for a friend, a family member or a stranger. If you can afford it help a child through school or get involved in a community less advantaged than yourself then just go ahead and do it.  To quote a lovely guy who I have known for many years, he has a young sound undergoing chemo, Ian there are always people a lot worse off than us.

The lights went on, the eyes opened and my guide dog vanished. We are so lucky, look at our beautiful land, look at our fantastic children or even those old wrinkly things we call parents and grand parents.

Look at your mates your great work colleagues, and anyone you love and know that you’ve opened your eyes. My Mum and Dad celebrate 50 years of married life next week, what an achievement (especially if you know my Dad!). Thanks guys for teaching me that I am never too old to learn and we are never too old to see life as it really is . . . . . Perfection with the odd blemish!

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