Mar 18

Green Privilege

There are times that many of us have looked at that rare breed known as the Trust Fund Babies (TFB’s) with some envy. Imagine waking every day of your life without a financial care in the world. Since their days as a child, through to adult life, rent, food and disposable cash have never been an issue. Holidays are an assumed regular occurrence and their mode of transport is never anything other than exactly what they wish it to be.

Yet, all is not well in the Garden of Eden and many people born with this level of privilege, splendor and freedom are often highly disorganized when dealing with their financial affairs. Just as people think that those who work in financial services are all well Financially Planned, people also assume that TFB’s have all their ducks in a row and therefore do not require any professional help. As a result, many in financial services do not pursue TFB’s, they also assume that the TFB’s affairs are more than well catered for. In my experience this is simply not true and, as a result, assumption is, again the mother of all … mistakes!

You will often find that the advice TFB’s have been given is out of date and disjointed, so to all IFA’s out there I say the following, be bold and proud of your position, do not be shy in getting in front of people who seemingly have not a care in the world. It could just be a case of ignorance is bliss and they need you more than you, or they, could ever know!

On the subject of wealthy offspring of successful men and women, what an absolute little cracker of a TFB Mr Zac Goldsmith is. Zac being the son of Sir James Goldsmith and brother of the ex wife of Imran Khan, Jemima!

Having completed his time with his father’s, now virtually defunct, right wing party the UK Independants, he has now reinvented himself as a green visionary. As a result he releases much green house gas telling us all how to live. Being one of David Cameron’s public school set, he thankfully has little chance of ever being part of any government in the near future. Young Zac is clearly keen as mustard to have a nice safe Tory seat platform from which to launch his brand of Green Advice. To give you one example he wants all supermarkets in the UK to charge for parking, I suppose the idea is to get people to car share? That’s fine for Zac I suppose, who probably pays to have his groceries delivered from Fortnum and Mason, but not for an ordinary Mom with three kids having to do the weekly shop at Tesco!

Suddenly a small light went on somewhere in my very grey matter! Green issues, especially global warming, will be the next round of super stealth taxes. The governments, who are responsible for many green blunders, will now place all the blame on us, the consumer. There will be tax on buying non green cars, parking, driving and stopping at traffic lights, there will be tax on the efficiency of all the white goods we own even though we have already paid VAT on them, simply because they are now inefficient and exceed our carbon footprint. There will be tax on what you eat, beef will be more expensive as cows pass more wind than chickens! Your choice of everything, if it does not conform to a government carbon table will be stealth taxed. Basically, in my humble opinion, all this Global Warming stuff is a sham and complete hoax!

A recent report showed that the human race is responsible for around 5% of the overall increase in global warming, the rest is simply down to natural cyclical occurrences that affect our mother earth, whether we use long life milk or long life light bulbs!

So here’s a crazy idea, find yourself a potential TFB client and talk about their carbon footprint, drop a few quotes in about Tesco parking and Zac and you never know they might even know the young Goldsmith. Before you know it, new client and credibility assured, you may possibly even become part of the new ultra cool ubber greens!

You could even be invited to a TFB Party or two and they have been know to last even longer than the Goldsmith’s UK Independence Party!

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