Sep 27

Get our people housed, working and happy

Dear Mr. Zuma, I enjoyed our chat on the plane last year and you appeared to be totally decent and up for the job. So how come you can reconcile the fact that you want “All politicians to show restraint and show leadership”, especially when your own Mr. Malema is allowed, without your restraint, to say, or threaten whom he likes? You insult your own supporters and public with your hypocrisy, allowing your party to justify “hate speak” through the courts  and yet you refuse to listen to a man such as Mr. Vavi, who has far more in common and greater interest in the common man than any other ANC MP I have heard from recently.

Mr. Vavi, now that is an interesting man, and don’t be scared of the Cosatu / Communist label. He is rather like Mr. Shilowa but more politically savvy, Mr. and Mrs. Vavi enjoy the good things in life, they don’t want people living like Chinese state factory workers. The difference between him and many others is that he is smart and I like his political clarity, when he calls for lifestyle audits of all politicians and government employees we must all say, why not?

Just how refreshing would it be to see all people as Mr. Vavi says, “black, white or yellow” audited. As he says there would be no racism involved, just the fact that if you are in a position of public trust you need to be squeaky clean. So who will blink first, because I think that ALL our politicians and senior governmental people need to know that their affairs are constantly being scrutinised and that political office is not a pay off, or financial fun factory, but actually a position of responsibility that requires more than random appearances and or a big hat at the opening of parliament.

All of the above, the hypocrisy, the clear immaturity, the need for independent scrutiny by SARS itself and therefore the fact that everyone knows that the public is watching is vital. Without open handedness our system of democracy and its ability to survive long term will be as questionable as the old order that Mr. Terreblanche found so clean and stable!

Two wrongs do not make a right and the fact that apartheid’s crimes are seemingly being repeated, in what is now a democracy, just shows that the blame game or “they did it”, as it was called at junior school, goes on at pace today in SA.

Sadly, no tragically, Sharpeville film clips look remarkably similar to the “service delivery” riots, and the police reaction to them, happening every week in SA sixteen years after the ANC took control and two months before the world descends on SA. No doubt the VIP’s will all still receive large black German vehicles to ride around in and who knows even our Junior Assistant Ministers may have to cut their convoys down to 10 vehicles to accommodate the FIFA sycophants with enough Merc’s.

I personally don’t believe that SA will go the same way as Zim, the ANC is smarter than that and  our politicians need far more in order to live their high lives than mere “AID” can supply, there needs to be big business and a buoyant economy.

I do however want someone to work on a new 21st Century struggle song, for those born since 1990, those who came into SA after the date of Nelson’s release, after all these guys are now 20 years old. The title could be “Shop the Harmer, Kill the War.” Now let’s see how long it takes them to arrest me for thinking up such a double entendres hate speech as that! Let’s get our people, housed, working and happy, lets kick the bottom of every extorting official or MP and name and shame them, DA, Freedom Front, ANC, anyone. Let’s talk to each other and give SA the stability it needs to build an economy that can help, house, feed and educate all our families and youth.

If we don’t then we will all be guilty of the crime of indifference, a crime that allowed apartheid to survive 10-15years longer than it should ever have been allowed to, a crime we can all end today!

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