Jan 30

From the Chairman’s Desk

Why I am looking forward to 2024.

Dear readers,
Every year is an important year in South Africa, but 2024 is particularly so. This year may be regarded as the biggest test of democracy globally as country’s containing half of the world’s population will go to the polls. With all its flaws, democracy is to be celebrated and despite the myriad of challenges confronting us, I believe we still live in a better world than we did thirty years ago. While the Taiwanese, Indian, UK and US elections will capture world attention, it is our very own South African election (likely to be held in May this year) that will preoccupy most of us. The opinion polls are throwing up some interesting national and provincial trends and it is clear that the political sands are shifting.

The Spirit Invest Group invests very heavily in local and international investment advisors and
analysts who live, eat and breath financial markets, economics and politics and we will pass on the benefits of their wisdom insights and professional skills sets to our clients, professional network and supporters through-out the year. We will also send you our analysis of the State of the Nation opening of parliament speech on 8 February as well as a pithy analysis of the budget speech later in the month.

I reported to you in my last Chairman’s letter that the Group had its best year on record in 2023 and for that I wish to thank all our clients, professional network and supporters. But I also committed the Group to invest significantly in people, systems, offices, fund advisors, but most importantly, client care. We have kept our word, even as 2024 is in its infancy, and we will be announcing very exciting developments later in Q1 of this year. But to give you a taste of
this commitment, Warwick has appointed a Director of Client Care who will be joining us on 1 February and who brings with him unparalleled experience.

We love communicating and so we have also invested in our marketing and communications team with the appointment of a Director of Marketing as well as an in-house graphic design professional to ensure that the quality of our communications remains of the very highest standard.

Now, onto my personal passion and you will note that the Spirit Invest Group has a strong philanthropic focus. This year marks the 30th anniversary of my founding of the Spirit Foundation. I was and remain such an optimist about the people of South Africa, that I wanted to make my own long-term contribution to the future of our country and thus was born the Spirit Education Foundation. Since that time, with my own, our corporate and generous donor support, we have been able to provide high quality education to literally thousands of scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds and even had our former President Nelson Mandela participate in one of our scholar initiatives.

I am proud to say that literally 100% of all donations made to Spirit Foundation go directly into the programmes and projects we support, be they secondary education, community development or wildlife conservation.
So, if like me you have a vision for a better South Africa and a passion to help our country succeed, why not join us, make a difference and support the Spirit Foundation and have a look into our website.