Aug 10

In the presence of geniuses

It is not often that you get to be in the company of genius so when you get to be in the company of two of them you are in one of those halcyon moments, one you must cherish.

When you get to be in the presence of two geniuses coupled with two beautiful women, then you should chill, kick back, suck it up and learn to enjoy life! Well this lucky boy was in such a position only a few days ago and I am still in POG mode!

The venue was a great new Cape Town restaurant called The Greenhouse, at the Cellars Hohenhort Hotel. Genius number one was lunatic mate Brad Ball, chef of the great 1682 at Steenberg and his stunning missis, known to us as “Big Maddy”. The other beauty was my best half, The Oz and the reason was a thank you to them all for giving me an A1 surprise birthday party a few weeks before.

The second genius was Peter Tempelhoff, The Greenhouse chef and a mate of Brad’s. Cutting to the chase, we had The Tasting Menu and Brad walked and talked us through Peter’s genius creations. It is simply the best restaurant food I have ever eaten in South Africa and you just simply must go, it is without comparison and we all acknowledged the same.

The fact that such skill, intelligence, patience and creativity thrives in SA is a massive motivator for me. Genius and special talents are what make any society special and interesting.

Have you watched Idols’ lately? It’s painful for great periods of time and then suddenly an angel appears, a voice created by some unearthly power. Increasingly that pure, intelligent, clear and inspiring talent is young and black and I say that only because Idols seems incapable of finding a system that allows anyone other than a white youth winning. Then again DSTV ain’t cheap is it?

Talent walks amongst us, exists behind the doors and windows we casually pass every day. Our schools, colleges, homes and even restaurants are home to our future, South Africa’s future.

Last week I travelled to Joburg and travelled on the Gautrain, it is quite simply inspiring! I decided to play chicken with my life, not jumping in front of the silver bullet train,but rather gambling on missing my flight home and being de-sexed by Oz by arriving the next day!

What I did was stand looking at Nelson Mandela (it’s a statue!), in Mandela Square at exactly 5:30pm. As the clock hit the half hour I “walked” to the Sandton Gautrain Station, walking in SA has really become a retro 60’s thing to do! I travelled down the escalators, boarded the brand new train and off we set to the airport. Arriving relaxed I walked to the check in and then the security gates. Passing through the monitor and onto a Coffee Shop I glanced at my watch, it was 6pm, 30 minutes from Mandela Square to the boarding gate!

A brace of genius chefs, good looking people, talent all around and a 1st World transport system. I think I may just stay and celebrate my next twenty years in SA on 1st July 2030, because it all just gets better and better!

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