Feb 21

Exciting News for Warwick Wealth Clients and Professional Network

Warwick Wealth M.D. Marc Wiese announces new developments.

It has been a busy start to 2023 as Warwick has started implementing a new modus operandi on several fronts. As businesses grow, it is imperative for them to keep reassessing their offering and model to ensure they remain as efficient and client focussed as possible. It is for this reason that Warwick has redefined several elements within the business to allow it to operate more efficiently and provide the foundation for the next three years of growth. Warwick has invested significantly in the business in 2022 for it to evolve in 2023.

As I am sure you would have seen over the past six months, our investment offering has significantly grown as we have repositioned several of our funds into new asset management brands and styles, as well as growing our investment offering to include new asset managers. These changes were made to provide clients and wealth teams with additional diversification and an enhanced client investment offering. Orion Investment Managers, being our chosen investment management partner, has also appointed additional fund equity advisors, both locally and internationally, in order to provide each asset manager with a unique management style and philosophy. The asset management and fund range now includes the following asset managers:

  1. Starfunds.ai – Starfunds.ai is a rules-based quant Multi Manager that applies a proprietary algorithm to select the top underlying funds. The algorithm follows a set of rules, selecting five funds from their respective ASISA universe i.e., ASISA Multi-Asset High Equity, ASISA Equity General and ASISA Equity Real Estate categories.
  2. Accorn Investment Management – Accorn follows a top-down, together with a bottom-up, investment process. The equity selection is based on external equity advisor agreements, both locally and internationally. Accorn is responsible for the overall asset allocation, with Cadiz Asset Management managing the fixed income element of the multi-asset funds. Accorn is responsible for managing the Warwick wrap funds and local share portfolios.
  3. Capita Fund Management – Capita is a multi-manager that manages a suite of SA domiciled funds. 30% is managed via a segregated mandate, the mandates are either invested into direct fixed income or direct SA equity, dependent on each Capita fund. The remaining 70% is invested into underlying CIS funds. This asset allocation is determined by Capita, with the fixed income exposure obtained via the Cadiz range of fixed income funds, property via the Palmyra Property Fund and international equity via Palmyra international funds. Additional fixed income, property and equity exposure is via five balanced funds that are selected by the Starfunds.ai algorithm.
  4. Palmyra Asset Managers – Palmyra follows a top-down, together with a bottom-up, investment process. The fundamental equity research and share selection are provided by an external equity advisor, both locally and internationally. Palmyra is responsible for the overall asset allocation with Cadiz Asset Management managing the fixed income element of the multi-asset funds. The Palmyra Property Fund follows a factor-based investment style. 12-month price momentum is utilised to select the underlying property shares and is rebalanced quarterly. This fund is benchmark cognisant.
  5. Cadiz Asset Management – Cadiz is a specialist fixed income manager for both retail and institutional clients. A top-down, together with a bottom-up, investment process is utilised. The fundamental fixed income research is performed in-house. Cadiz has a long-term proven track record of quality management and returns.

As you can read from the above, it is truly an exciting time within Warwick – a time defined by growth, evolution, efficiencies, and client value add being at the forefront. As the business grows, all stakeholders will benefit, including our world class staff, shareholders and most importantly our clients.

As always, until next time, should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact your dedicated Wealth Specialist or Advisor.