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Reach for your dreams and believe

The Spirit Foundation is proud to share a video clip by Craig Barry, a previous Spirit Education Foundation Scholar, now an Alumni to the Foundation and a Stormers star.  Reach for your dreams and believe, what a great story!

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Table Cricket

A historic day yesterday as we hosted our first Interschool Table Cricket match between Vista Nova and Eros schools.

The match was a tremendous success with both teams enjoying the opportunity and playing very well to ensure that it was a close match. In the end, it was Eros school that emerged victorious by the margin of 26 runs. The children were excited from the onset and it was fantastic to witness them really getting to the game.

Vista Nova were wonderful hosts and we had some cheering supporters which made the atmosphere special for all the players.

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Mandela Day

In recognition of the unique legacy bequeathed to our country by President Nelson Mandela, our team pooled their resources to donate toys, food and other goodies for the Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC). Madiba had a special fondness for children as is evidenced by his Children’s Foundation and so we felt it right and fitting that we support a Foundation not only for children, but one that cares for those young ones suffering from the ravages of cancer. Our donation and charitable giving reminds us that, while we are in the business of asset management, we also have a duty and responsibility to contribute to our country and help improve the lives of the most vulnerable. We hope that our gift to CHOC House did just this.

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The Spirit Foundation

The Spirit Foundation have been working again with Everton in the Community to launch a Choir in the L4 District of Liverpool, the object of which is to bring people together who perhaps require some fellowship and company. L4 has been particularly hard hit by government spending cuts and is troubled by ongoing gang related violence and crime. We all hope that the Choir can act as a great shared interest for all those who choose to become involved and we would like to congratulate EitC and in particular Carena Duffy for all the hard work in putting this great initiative together.

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News : ‘The expansion continues’


The next few months will be a fascinating time within our organisation.  We will be developing and growing into not two, but in fact three separate operations, all with very different business models and objectives, and all with their own identity and exciting future.

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African elephants helped this businessman settle in SA!

CAPE TOWN – In the late 1980s, Africa had lost half its elephant populations due to the onslaught of poaching. You couldn’t help but be affected.

So Ian Kilbride, who admits to being “hung up” about ellies, and a few like-minded friends decided in 1989 to drive from London to Cape Town to see for themselves what they perceived to be the last elephants in the wild and the devastation of the species.

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Warwick buys Cadiz Asset Management

Warwick buys Cadiz

JSE-listed Stellar Capital Partners and Warwick are pleased to announce the sale of the asset management business of Cadiz. Cadiz enjoys a 20-year track-record of successful asset management with a suite of funds, including South Africa’s top-performing money market fund over the past 10 years.

The acquisition of the Cadiz business lifts Warwick’s assets under management and administration to over R30 billion.

Stellar CEO Peter van Zyl comments, “We have recently reviewed our future strategic direction and focus within the greater Stellar Group and have been looking for the right strategic partner for Cadiz and the sale of Cadiz Asset Management to Warwick represents a very positive and important step for the future of Cadiz. For some 20 years, Cadiz has earned a reputation for the development of innovative structured financial products, hedge funds and money market fund excellence and we are proud of our association with this great asset management company.

In Warwick, we have found the ideal partner to take the Cadiz business forward and to share in its future success. We are confident that the synergies between the two businesses will be maximised and that the deal will be particularly beneficial for the clients.”

Warwick CEO, Ian Kilbride, comments, “We are delighted with the deal to acquire the business of Cadiz and to partner with Stellar Capital going forward. Cadiz is a company that I, and indeed the broader financial services industry, have respected for many years. The deal will add value to Warwick in three respects. Firstly, it will add further quality asset management professionals with a successful and proven track-record to our team. Secondly, the Cadiz suite of funds will add to our existing suite of funds and portfolio offering. Thirdly, the acquisition will take Warwick into the retail and institutional asset management space, which forms part of our three-year strategic plan.

The Cadiz acquisition is the first of a number of deals we hope to conclude in the coming 36 months.”

The sale and purchase will be subject to securing all necessary regulatory approvals.

For all media inquiries, please contact:
Tim Hughes, or 083 290 2666

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New look for a new Era!

We are delighted to reveal to you, for the first time, the new look of Warwick. This new design will be applied throughout Warwick internationally. It marks a new and exciting chapter in the Warwick story and it is simply our ‘New look for a new Era’.

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Spirit Wildlife Fund

Spirit Wildlife Fund

A new and exciting website and I hope you enjoy it !

Our mission is to raise funds and awareness to ensure the safety, security and survival of this keystone species at the world’s largest rhino orphanage, Care for Wild in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.

Join the crash!


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Who else like Ian Kilbride at Warwick Wealth is going to appreciate the benefits of supporting ‘My’ opera Lost in a Bluebell Wood composed/written by Rexleigh Bunyard and produced by Arnold Cloete of Gauteng Opera? Help take the ‘dis’ out of disability!” Coincidences???

‘My’ opera, “Lost in a Bluebell Wood” will cost money. We need to raise a million rand to get it into production. But, we are making headway!

In early December we drove to Prince Albert to see Nicky Rebelo in his one man show The Kreutzer Sonata. I was looking out the window, daydreaming. Suddenly my dreams were halted by this red and blue sign on the fence of the Oudtshoorn bowls club. It seemed to jump out at me. WARWICK WEALTH it said in its bold lettering that couldn’t help but catch my eye. Warwick Wealth, I wondered, before my attention was caught up by the scenery of that wonderful drive over the Swartberg Pass.

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