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Peace in Whose Time?

Following on from the theme of last month’s article, on the division between Europe and the USA and a fight for political turf and economic credibility, it is amazing to look at what is occurring in Europe now and how the situation has such clear parallels with the old Europe, especially the Europe that led us into World War II.

Firstly, however, it may be interesting to note that the greatest fear of many and why they are prepared to fight so hard, in any conflict, may no longer exist in the first world at all. I am referring to the concept of invasion and physical domination. This fear of being occupied and subjected to the humiliation of rule under another nation has reached a point where it is simply not practical, and or affordable, even to the likes of the USA, Russia or China, let alone a single European nation such as Germany, Italy, France or Great Britain.

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Good Years Follow Fallow Years

A long standing definition of a bear market is when the market ignores all good news and reacts negatively to the smallest bad news. Conversely a bull market sees us all ignore any raft of bad news and yet set the market running on any small amount of good news.

So what do we call the current situation, one where the market drops 5% on bad days, based on a mere rumour, then claws its way back based on any semblance of good news? The answer; confused, fearful, uneducated, highly speculative, stupid or just recessionary?

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The State of the Nation!

The state of the nation! I have always found it rather strange that a country needs a state of the nation speech, be it in SA, the US or anywhere.

This is the 21st century and we are bombarded by 24 hour news channels, newspapers, magazines, emails, twitters and goodness knows numerous other information channels. The countries budget is splashed over the news, even the “pre” budget now gets huge coverage so what else can we get from what has become more of an extended party political broadcast, clapped at the end of every sentence, by those happy to be closest to the money and the power.

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Tears of Separation

The tears, oh those terrible tears and tantrums of separation! What a hole it leaves in peoples lives and that black hole of despair is most noticeably felt at the bank!

Yes, whether its goodbye hubby, employee, company or financial advisor, there is all too often a price to pay and often the damage is exacerbated by the innocent party insisting on fighting the good fight, with the misguided belief that a good clean scuffle will ensue seeing the innocents emerge exonerated and better off.

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Financial Maturity

As this year draws to an end it’s amazing to think that there are only 36 days until 2010, the year that SA has been awaiting for what appears to be decades!

This year has flown, did we actually have Easter this year or did we forget it totally? What happened to November, it just evaporated? I know I am getting older as my rather annoying better half tells me about twice a week, annoying as she looks and grows younger and lovelier by the year, I just slowly decay! I swear there are bits of me that might actually fall off, but then that’s another story altogether.

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Front of House

I am an exceptionally lucky man! Apart from a wonderful family and home life I have the privilege and honour of working with the most talented, hard working and diligent group of people I have ever known.

Many people have asked me recently, “When will this financial crisis end”, I feel obligated to say from the heart, When you stop living in it! Much of what occurs to us is created by the mind and as I work amongst positive, active and caring people that “crisis” never arose, we just never let it happen.

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Sporting Chance

Walking around Cape Town’s Waterfront at the moment is a little like a stroll through the shopping malls of Bombay or is that Mumbai, I think that shows my age!

Yes, the rich and infamous from the Indian subcontinent have arrived enmasse and are spending up a storm. The One and Only, Sol Kerzner, hotelier to Bollywood, has taken it all to heart and has even learnt how to bowl a maiden over, that is of course if she is under 25.

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The Green Green Grass of Home

I was lucky enough recently, thanks to good friends at Everton football club, to experience a world class stadium at its very best. With six others, all of whom had tickets thanks to the good guys at EFC, I sat and wondered just how close our 2010 stadiums will compare to Wembley on a FA Cup Final day, the answer I think is that we will do ourselves proud!

We were constantly asked by Brits on the trip and in one case my good friend Tim Hughes was even grilled at the Football Writers Association Annual Dinner about the same topic, “What’s happening in SA chaps?” Knowing they wanted to hear the doom and gloom spread by many SA expats living in London, often simply justifying their move to sunny London, they were shocked by our united responses!

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A Guide for Life

As we pass through life we all have, often without knowing it, personal mantras, lessons and or guiding principles that we are able to return to at times of doubt, indecision, fear or stress.

These, let us call them “guides”, have come about as the result of life lessons and hard experiences, or they are a gift from another, someone that loves and cares for us and is therefore concerned about how we are coping, or need to cope, with life issues at any particular time.

I am truly blessed to have a number of friends, who have never been shy to point out where I must moderate or correct my actions, or behaviour, wherever they thought my position was inappropriate. I am thankful to them for those moments because that is what real friends do, they get involved !

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Port Elizabeth “A breath of fresh air”

I can see why people love and stay in PE it has a close and carrying community and some very smart guys. the guys we have joined, to form our expansion plans into EP and Border, are great people as well as being from good solid families.

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