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Spirit Community Foundation

A proud moment for the Spirit Community Foundation. As the sponsors of the Everton Disability Team we wish them every success in the European Championship. Here the team are at Manchester Airport about to leave for Tibilisi in Georgia. We wish them every success!

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The Story of Arthur the Orphaned White Rhino

Warwick is a proud supporter of the Spirit Wildlife Fund. The Fund supports nature and animal conservation in South Africa and has made a significant commitment to Care For Wild, which provides a home for orphaned rhino. Little brave Arthur was featured on the front page of the Cape Times recently, with Spirit Foundation Trustee, Jooles Kilbride, personally spending many hours nursing him after his horrendous injuries. This is their story.

The story of Arthur the Orphaned White Rhino

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Spirit Wildlife Fund

Spirit Wildlife Fund

A new and exciting website and I hope you enjoy it !

Our mission is to raise funds and awareness to ensure the safety, security and survival of this keystone species at the world’s largest rhino orphanage, Care for Wild in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.

Join the crash!


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Warwick Wealth and the Little Optimist

Warwick Wealth are proud to be a part of the The Little Optimist’s incredible journey.

Greg and the Little Optimist’s journey began in Cape Hangklip across shark invested waters of False Bay around Cape Point and the Cape of Storms to Cape Town City via Robben Island and Dassen Island to Saldanha and then finally ending the journey in Langebaan Lagoon (the home of the Little Optimist).  The journey, over 200km in the open ocean along one of the wildest and most dangerous coastlines in the world, and they did it. ‘A little believer with a huge heart’.

All funds raised for the benefit of a new Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Please watch the documentary trailer below, full documentary to be released in February 2017

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Ian Kilbride

Warwick Wealth Bowls South Africa Masters 2016

Warwick Wealth is celebrating its 15th year of support for bowls in South Africa. At a recent event in Johannesburg Ian Kilbride spoke about the long standing relationship enjoyed between Warwick Wealth and the sport of bowls, this was broadcast during the South African Masters which was held over the weekend of 12th – 14th February.

In January 2016, Warwick announced a new deal which maintained the superb level of sponsorship at a national level but also introduced the best club support ever offered during the longstanding relationship. This deal is being rolled out in all bowls clubs by the four full-time Lifestyle Network Managers who work from their Warwick offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. In addition to the ongoing national sponsorship of Bowls South Africa and the sponsorship of clubs with Warwick clients as members, Warwick also announced its new Platinum Client deal for all bowlers who are investment clients of Warwick.

The long standing relationship between Warwick Wealth and Bowls in South Africa is secure for many years to come.


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The Launch of Lords Taverners South Africa

On an idyllic balmy evening in Cape Town next door to the famous Newlands cricket ground, close to 400 South African and British philanthropic cricket lovers joined together at Kelvin Grove to launch Lords Taverners South Africa and at the same time celebrate a great friend of the sport. It was always going to be a wonderful and emotional event as it was an occasion on which the much loved and remarkable Robin ‘Jackers’ Jackman was honoured by his friends, family and numerous admirers, for a life spent immersed in cricket, playing it, commentating on it and simply loving it!

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The Long Game

In 1990, Ian Kilbride climbed into a 30-year old Bedford truck, and along with a few friends, set off from London for Cape Town. 20 Countries and seven months in, having lost a few passengers to homesickness along the way, Kilbride was the last man standing, and travelled the last part of the journey from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg by bus. A rowdy month of partying in Rocky Street and Hillbrow behind him, he caught the old “milk” plane to Cape Town and hasn’t looked back since.

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Warwick Wealth sponsors Everton Football Club

As a proud supporter of both education and sport, Warwick Wealth is honoured to be Everton Football Club’s official cup sponsor. This partnership was formed earlier this year and will continue throughout the 2014/15 season.

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Lifestyle for the Over 50s

Life and a decent lifestyle, perhaps the two things we humans must truly desire. Without life and good health, however, no amount of planning, money, luxuries and perceived lifestyle will improve our lot. Good health and actually “being alive” must therefore and without delivering a huge BGO (Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious) be the number one objective for us all, despite how poorly we often go about it.

Poor diet and bad habits, smoking and alcohol primarily, are the factors that will either destroy our health or actually kill us off early. But do we listen or take heed, well personally no! I tend to live by the adage that my favourite aunt once mentioned, “if you don’t smoke, drink or have sex you don’t live any longer ….. it just seems like it!”

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Moveable Feast

The “moveable feast” that is life is both a blessing and a curse. If we know exactly what was going to occur, then life would be rather dull and pedestrian, however it would be rather nice to know and be able to rely upon things that had been supposedly established and committed to.

I am rather a creature of habit, although I like to think of myself as daring and living life in the moment. The truth is that I rather like the predictable, I enjoy knowing what’s going on, I like facts and to be totally honest I hate surprises even on my birthday or Christmas, well ok they are exceptions but up to a point! Just while we are on the birthday and Christmas point, how many husbands and fathers out there have been told by their wives children or parents that “You are so difficult to buy for?” Why? We are just ordinary blokes and very easy to please. We don’t expect to be thrilled or knocked down with surprise in our case it really is just the thought that counts, although socks, underwear, toblerone or vouchers to “Exclusive Books” does show very little effort.

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