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Cometh the moment

Cometh the moment, cometh the man! Cometh the current financial crisis, cometh the need for many families and individuals to face up to that “moment”, these are days of reflection!

As many areas of the world proclaim they are entering a lighter and brighter position with hope beckoning them from the end of the tunnel, others are only just entering that tunnel or still travelling through its musky dark and dank bowels.

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Financial Maturity

One of our dinosaurs is missing! Remember that little fun movie? Well Polokwane, home to ANC coups and pending World Cup football, has just scripted the sequel. 80 of our ambulances are missing No seriously, out of 100 new ambulances they have lost 80, honestly. Has anyone been charged, fired, suspended or even given a slapped wrist? Don’t be silly, but an investigation has begun into how 80% of the regions ambulances are missing and or intensive care, well what a relief and how decisive!

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Luck or coincidence

Do you believe in fate, or perhaps you are a person committed to the simple idea of co-incidence? Then again you could be a lucky so and so, someone who believes in luck above all less?

Whatever your view on life you have to admit that there are some very strange occurrences that can seem to be well beyond the norm of life. The same cannot be said of other aspects of our lives, they are totally predictable, DSTV is always on at least repeat season 3, the beer always runs out at a party and SA Express Airways, between CT and PE, is always late!

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