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Ian Kilbride

Home Truths!

I have known Mike Greeff for many years, in fact I was once his landlord at the Alphen Estate.  That was until Greeff outgrew the space that we, Warwick Wealth, had available as we too were expanding and requiring more square meters.

You could therefore say that our two businesses, Greeff Property and Warwick Wealth, grew up together, even sharing facilities and staff, both then and now.  The similarities between these two companies, despite being in totally different fields, can be distilled down to three simple factors.  Firstly, a clear vision, secondly the energy and drive of everyone involved in the company, from the CEO’s down and thirdly a total commitment to client service and the delivery of what clients require.

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Warwick is sponsoring ‘The Little Optimist’ and Greg Bertish on their special journey from False Bay to Langebaan. All the proceeds are for the benefit of The Children’s Hospital Trust, for the new Red Cross Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Greg’s message: ‘I want to use an Opi as a Vehicle to promote positive thinking, belief and overcoming obstacles in life. This tiny little Children’s dinghy that should not even be classified as a Yacht (due to its shape, size and proportions) has a huge heart. This ‘bath tub’ boat has become one of the most recognizable, nostalgic, and most sailed kids dingy’s in the world, with many of the big name sailors, having started in an Optimist. It believes it can and it will be a big yacht, and that it can conquer the oceans and the seas no matter what they say. I want to inspire kids, by harnessing the Opis ‘Heart’ and spirit, to show the world what we can achieve with positive thought, desire, belief and incredible optimism.’

The Aim: ‘To save children’s lives by inspiring them to get better, to teach them a skill, to create a passion and to raise funds and awareness for the CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL TRUST and the new Red Cross Hospital ICU.
We wish Greg all the best on his journey and Warwick is proud to be associated with such a heart-warming project.


TLO Horz Blue


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Ian Kilbride

Alec Hogg Interviews Ian Kilbride on BizNews. “First Appleton now Warwick”

I’m with Ian Kilbride, the man who started Warwick. Ian, you’re from the UK – how did you get to South Africa?
I was working, Alec, in 1990 in Manchester for a stockbroker called Henry Cooke Lumsden. I became slightly obsessed with elephants. I thought they were going to become extinct. I took seven months off, joined a bunch of guys from London on a 30-year-old Bedford army truck. We left in January 1990, and 22 countries later, in July 1990 – I arrived in Cape Town.

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Tech-savvy humans losing communication and social skills

When was the last time you wrote someone a proper letter? In fact given that this article is probably being read by an audience of people who are predominantly under 50, have you ever written a letter? I don’t’ mean a card or a note, I mean a three, four or five page letter, is the answer possibly never?

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Ian Kilbride

Was Henry Ford truly that articulate?

Nothing succeeds like a toothless budgie! Not the greatest quote I have ever come up with, but this has been a few weeks of hard work and extremely inspiring growth within Warwick Wealth.

What I have noticed however, is that great quotes are now everywhere, LinkedIn, Google, Exclusive Books, badly maintained office blocks and more. For some reason though I have been absorbing these snippets of wisdom, when previously they flew past me like a sparrow on speed!

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The Art of Courage

“Doing what you say gets you what you want.”

This deceptively simple motto is the guiding philosophy of an inspiring man I know named Simon Ekin.

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Warwick expands JHB office to accommodate IFAs

Warwick Wealth opened new offices in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg a few months ago and we have already had to increase the size of these premises to accommodate the growing number of Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) who are choosing to align with Warwick Wealth.

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A Note to Warwick Clients

Dear Warwick Clients

A few interesting facts for your assistance.

The term “Platinum Client” has become an exciting addition to Warwick’s South African offering. Any client can become a Platinum client by simply having the following;

  1. An Investment with Warwick Invest valued at R500,000.
  2. A policy with Warwick Cover valued at R500 per month.
  3. A will with Warwick Trust with an estate value of over R500,000.
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Age is Relative

Groucho Marx told us that, “A man is only as old as the woman he feels”, well in that case I am a lucky fifty year old with a smashing lady in her forties, although having now mentioned her decade I may be feeling very lonely for a while!

Age is relative, or should I say we all have an “aged relative”. As each day ticks by, weeks and months slip by, years become a moment and strange time warp phenomenon occur. What I mean is this, how come as you approach the end of every decade, especially after forty, the odd mind trick occurs. In that last year of a decade, when we are telling ourselves that we don’t care about reaching that “new” milestone, odd almost “twilight zone” events occur. We see the pictures of sporting stars from when we ourselves were young and virile and these gods look, to be honest, knackered and we get a fright. TV and movie stars release a new production and we scream to our partners “look at such and such, he looks ancient”, then we remember that we haven’t seen them for a decade or even two and it’s nothing other than just life!

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