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Take Care

As we continue to build our businesses and constantly review what we are doing and or how we operate, it is often refreshing to pull out old mantras that remind us over and over again of some truisms.

The number one for me, because it strikes to the very heart of the matter, is this.

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So what makes a Professional in 2008, could it be some of the following?

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Making a difference

As a financial planner, many of you will know that your decision to take that career path was based on the fact you are one of those people. Much of the Financial Services Industry is, strangely enough, peopled by individuals who are not that gregarious or blessed with people skills. We are, however, on the front line!

But, boy, what a front line! Ours is a world apart from the rest and I personally love it. Where else can you actually meet with people and have an almost immediate impact on their lives, even if it is just to redraft their will correctly? We have the skills to make a difference and it is a real pleasure to do exactly that, whenever possible.

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It is said that no man is an island; we are all connected to different people and facets of life. Personally I quite like the response of Hugh Grant in the movie, “About a Boy”, his sister screams at him, “No man is an island, you know”, he fires back, “Well I am. Iâ’m Ibiza!” OK, we get it. At times I would also like to be Ibiza hot, packed with young restless things and ready to party 24 hours a day (more pills doctor, please)!

Then on the other hand, I look in the mirror, check the birth date on my passport and realise perhaps my destiny is, in fact, to be a slightly less chaotic island than Ibiza, or rather one that does not require me to stay up until 5am every morning, as my sons like saying, “you’re old Dad.” Thanks boys!

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“Acronymism” has been a slowly growing disease for many years, but of late the PC (here we go) lunatics have taken over the asylum and now everything is seemingly reduced to a shortened, rather self important, sound byte that requires the recipient to do a mental double-take.

At times these modern barbs are thrown around like intellectual challenges; the more you quote the smarter you may appear  not! As an extreme example:

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Monty has been an established and respected partner and broker in Port Elizabeth for 30 years and although WARWICK are currently negotiating with several well known figures in SA it is a pleasure to conclude the deal with Monty in 2007 as our PE office establishes itself.

Monty is also a keen BOWLER and will join the growing TEAM of BUSINESS AMBASSADORS which includes the South African Captain Jason Evans, WP Masters player Derek Watson and Western Suburbs player Rodney Botha.

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Will JUNK BONDS, otherwise known as sub-prime (for that read sub standard loans) really impact in SA. the latest I hear is that with a 50% rise in interest rates in a year and potential future rate rises on the horizon being an Estate Agent just went back to be the tough job it alsways was and that by next April the full impact of the higher costs will be really hurting all those who have over extended themselves.

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Over the last five years we have met literally thousands of people, in SA, who are confused with regards to their retirement funds or, as they are known in financial services, their compulsory monies. Many people have a number of RA’s (retirement annuities) or other pension entitlements and many of these currently reside at different institutions. They do not always know the value of these investments, they may have lost contact with the person who sold it to them and they seldom have a clear transparent picture of what they are paying in fees. Clearly this is not an acceptable situation.

There is, however, a solution! The Warwick Retirement Consolidator offers you the following …

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