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Client Care, Are You Being Served

It is they say twenty times harder to win a new client than it is to keep an existing client, I believe that 100%.

So why is it that people continue to make the same mistakes and why do many find it hard to deliver on promises even when they are being paid to deliver a service? There is in South Africa a sad truth that many people who offer a service think they are the one’s doing their “Customers and Clients” a favour, how totally misguided can they be, do they seriously think that they are the only provider available?

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Governance and Compliance

The G & C’s as they are known at Warwick have not only become a necessity they are a part of our everyday life. Warwick adheres to the highest standards of compliance and regulatory adherence, in fact I would say it goes way beyond the norm for a company of its size.

Financial Services, is by its very definition in the 21st century, one of the most regulated industries on the planet and so it should be after all its participants are responsible for the safe keeping and growth of its clients investments and needs. Our regulator in SA has made great strides forward over the last twenty years but remains underfunded and unable to properly police what is a vast number of registered authorised “Financial Services Providers”.

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The Happy “Festive Season”, Humbug!

The speed with which these annual year end articles come around is becoming quite scary, if one blinks another year has been ticked off and bagged.

2012 will be remembered by many for a multitude of different reasons, but for me it was a year of great events and milestones. First of all I was married, yes “management” decided it was time that I made a commitment and when “management” decide, then “I do”. It was also the year that I celebrated the big five zero, yes I turned an age that I still don’t even consider my Mum and Dad to be, an age that only headmasters, politicians and surgeons should aspire to.

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2013 The Compliance of Life

Whenever we enter a New Year there are always discussions about a new or changed way of living, resolutions are made and more often than not broken, diets, smoking, drinking, exercise all become brief hot topics as we choose to cease or increase any one of these hollow intents. Then gradually we settle down, we start writing and referring to the correct year, we stop having to say happy New Year (in my opinion it should be illegal to say “Happy New Year” after the 10th January!).

Life returns to normal and we find that we are pretty much the same people living the same life as we lived in the previous month, back in that other country now known as “last year”. This year, however, I have made one financial services commitment that will not change and by making it now and backing it up with the required funding, I know it will be a reality, it’s not exactly a “hot” or “sexy” topic, but it is crucial!

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I’m not sure if I’m in a “Depression”

Has the world gone completely mad? An Australian hiding in an Ecuadorian embassy in London, to avoid the Swedish sending him to America and probably on to a place in a Cuban jail owned by the Yanks, called Guantanamo. While the English also forget momentarily the sovereignty of embassies should be sacrosanct.

Japanese swimmers putting flags on some rocks in the sea, where no one lives, resulting in Chinese riots where it is acceptable to trash police cars, because they are Japanese models.

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RIP The Independent Broker

As the world worries about the extinction of the rhino and all other creatures being devoured by our Asian cousins, it is worth taking a moment to think of another local exotic that is now under threat.

Yes the “Independent Broker”, a brave, determined and industrious creature that has learned to adapt to its changing habitat and surroundings, over many years, but who now appears assailed from all sides. The advice that has been fed to the Minister of Finance and thus the FSB, is such that the independent man is being pushed to the very edges of the reserve as larger creatures, who were no doubt involved in this decision making process, are left to graze the plains alone.

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Warwick and Bowls announce record sponsorship deal

Bowls South Africa and Warwick Private Wealth today announced the signing of a major R12million, four-year sponsorship agreement for bowls.

In terms of the deal, the Private Banking Services company will generate over R3million a year for South Africa’s 40 000 bowlers at Club, District and National levels.

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In order for evil to flourish, all that is required is for good men to do nothing

The benefit of writing a column is that you get the wonderful opportunity to put onto paper things that otherwise sit and fester in your mind without any means of escape, for weeks if not months.

I also write a private diary, which helps between my more formal writing attempts. To be honest I do not know what I would do without this ability to clear the clutter. It is a little like the light in your bedroom as a child, for an hour or so every night you could read and through books travel the world and every possible dimension. Then click, the light goes off and Mom or Dad confine you to your own thoughts and sleep.

This last month has been an unbelievable world in which to live, natural and human disasters around the globe have belittled any problems or issues I personally have. The loss of family, friends, home, liberty and or respect simply dwarfs my problems and as far as I know those of the people close to me.

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The world’s great fraud has been established

The world’s greatest fraud has been established! The top global bankers managed to crash the financial systems, causing damage that will take a decade to recover, yet the culprits remain and will always remain, free and unaccountable.

The wonderful movement of America’s top bankers from the private to the public sector and then back again, shows that the lunatics have really taken over the asylum.

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The Private Client Diaries

I am from a proud working class background emanating originally from the north of England, a place where the idea of accepting charity is rather a kin to accepting an insult graciously and just as likely to occur!

So at times I must admit that I find it difficult to watch those who not only accept hand outs, but actually expect them. Obviously there are people in all countries who are existing at a level where their basic needs are not met and their government, often rich with tax income, fails them. In their case it is not really charity it is basic subsistence living and no one with a decent heart can resent that.

Yet there is also a national psyche that exists amongst certain countries, where they have seemingly accepted their position as perennial basket cases, or as a poor relative, that requires their sibling nations to support them without question.

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