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Warwick Wealth and Cadiz Asset Management Pay It Forward

Many of you will have seen the Warwick and Cadiz sponsored bibs worn by The Big Issue vendors on our busy streets. There is even a facility on these bibs for you to pay for your Big Issue using a QR reader, so it couldn’t be easier.

As a long time sponsor of the Big Issue and its vendors, we believe that we are helping hard-working individual entrepreneurs make an honest living, providing hope, opportunity and a step up towards self-worth.

So it warmed all of our hearts when we discovered the story of Bongani, one of the local Big Issue sellers, being gifted a car by one of his long-time customers. Please click on the below link to see a brief video of this beautiful interaction. It makes us both humble and proud to be the sponsors of the Big Issue and to provide these wonderful entrepreneurs a daily opportunity.

Hopefully this will stimulate others to emulate our contribution and make a difference to the many thousands of great South Africans trying to make an honest living, day in and day out, month in and month out, come rain or shine!

Jeremy Olivier gifts friendly newspaper salesman with a car

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Spirit Invest


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Warwick does a huge deal with Cadiz!

The attached link explains why the Warwick Team is totally committed to Warwick’s development . We all believe in SA and it’s future and we are all SA optimists!

This article sets out some of my own and Warwick’s history, this includes Appleton (named after my school) and then Warwick (named after my university).

The Warwick Team is the greatest group of people, in every single aspect, that I have ever met, worked with and or experienced and it will continue to deliver in all of the jurisdictions where it operates.

We all commit to a ‘measured and planned growth’, over the many years to come, because we always play the long game!

Ian Kilbride: Warwick does a huge deal with Cadiz and says more to come

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Warwick appoints Senior Wealth Specialists

Warwick Wealth’s CEO, Ian Kilbride and the General Manager of Asset Management, Adrian Meager took Warwick Private Clients new style Senior Wealth Specialists to lunch to celebrate their elevation to their new positions and its great benefits!

From left to right: Conrad Clifford (Warwick Durban), Adrian Meager (GM Asset Management), Ian Kilbride (CEO), Gareth Milford (Warwick Cape Town) and Natalie Wood (Warwick Johannesburg).




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Why the Belvedere Ponzi reminds me of Fidentia

It has been about a month since my last article but that was all done simply to get you all panting with excitement for this latest instalment. Actually, Alec Hogg, an old friend and fellow entrepreneur told me to “get some real work done”, so I did and left the field open for his great journalistic mind.

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Two speed generations and rooting for the youngsters

Every now and then someone asks why I have a company that concentrates on the over 50’s, so once I have explained the lighter points of not really understanding the younger generations, their total obsession with phones and messaging and their lack of taste in music it is time for the harder business realities of the position. Fundamentally it is not really that complicated, just ask yourself what is the largest growing population group on the planet and which population group is growing faster than any other, not only now but at any other time in human history? The answer is the Over 50’s.

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Green pastures ahead for SA bowling

2014 has been an incredible year for bowling in South Africa. The Proteas have done our nation proud at the Commonwealth Games. The unbelievable discipline and skill that they showed on the picturesque Kelvingrove Greens put South Africa at the top of the lawn bowls medal standings. Congratulations to our bowlers in green and gold for bringing home no less than seven medals – five gold and two bronze!

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Doomsday radio pundits are wrong – JSE set for more gains

When one of my young teenage sons asks if we are heading for World War 3, due to the unexplained number of plane crashes and the half-hearted ‘muscle flexing of a small Russian man in Ukraine, I know that the ’24 Hour’ News industry has possibly over played its hand.

The comforting thing is that the markets are acting far more maturely, which contrasts with the PE ratio doom merchants. When a market is turning from bull to bear it starts to show signs of schizophrenia and every piece of bad news will drive it down, little will make it rise and there is a collective sense of impending doom. That is a mind-set much displayed by a number of South African radio pundits at the moment, but it does not seem to have purchase where it matters most, namely within the US stock exchanges.

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Damned if you do or don’t

The worlds markets are at their highest levels in history, or at least they are as I write this column. So without repeating the usual rhetoric of the radio, tv and newspaper doom merchants what does this mean to us, the people who advise the general population?

If you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to solve the most burning question of the last six months, namely ‘should we go into the markets at these high levels or stay out?’ then please do one of two things, (a) prepare to be disappointed or (b) make a cup of tea and prepare to hear just another man’s opinion.

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Debar, or not to debar, that is the question?

When is a contract not a contract, when does acting in a fit and proper manner not apply, and when does acting in a fit and proper manner still lead to debarment?

I will allow you to mull over that thought for a while and then put you out of your misery, or possibly cause you some more!

We are all working in the same industry “financial services”, but one would have to be a fool, or at the very best naïve, to think that following FAIS and the huge changes that have occurred in South African financial markets we are now all operating on a level playing field. Life is never “fair” or “equitable”, we can just hope to make things better and we must admit that we have now come quite a distance over a relatively short period of time.

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