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Lending a hand in the community!

Our latest advert for the Big Issue.

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Warwick is sponsoring ‘The Little Optimist’ and Greg Bertish on their special journey from False Bay to Langebaan. All the proceeds are for the benefit of The Children’s Hospital Trust, for the new Red Cross Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Greg’s message: ‘I want to use an Opi as a Vehicle to promote positive thinking, belief and overcoming obstacles in life. This tiny little Children’s dinghy that should not even be classified as a Yacht (due to its shape, size and proportions) has a huge heart. This ‘bath tub’ boat has become one of the most recognizable, nostalgic, and most sailed kids dingy’s in the world, with many of the big name sailors, having started in an Optimist. It believes it can and it will be a big yacht, and that it can conquer the oceans and the seas no matter what they say. I want to inspire kids, by harnessing the Opis ‘Heart’ and spirit, to show the world what we can achieve with positive thought, desire, belief and incredible optimism.’

The Aim: ‘To save children’s lives by inspiring them to get better, to teach them a skill, to create a passion and to raise funds and awareness for the CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL TRUST and the new Red Cross Hospital ICU.
We wish Greg all the best on his journey and Warwick is proud to be associated with such a heart-warming project.


TLO Horz Blue


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The Long Game

In 1990, Ian Kilbride climbed into a 30-year old Bedford truck, and along with a few friends, set off from London for Cape Town. 20 Countries and seven months in, having lost a few passengers to homesickness along the way, Kilbride was the last man standing, and travelled the last part of the journey from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg by bus. A rowdy month of partying in Rocky Street and Hillbrow behind him, he caught the old “milk” plane to Cape Town and hasn’t looked back since.

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Tech-savvy humans losing communication and social skills

When was the last time you wrote someone a proper letter? In fact given that this article is probably being read by an audience of people who are predominantly under 50, have you ever written a letter? I don’t’ mean a card or a note, I mean a three, four or five page letter, is the answer possibly never?

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Technophobe Dad’s – what every family needs!


I am officially a technophobe I know this because my lovely teenagers tell me this every time I show any IT ignorance, or fail to operate the latest twit, twot or What’s Up correctly! Yes “What’s Up”, why, because of the delicious pleasure that is derived in watching the teenagers writhe in their superior techno agony when I say it out loud. I get off on “using the Google,” or my real favourite “I just got off the World Wide Web!”

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Warwick Wealth sponsors Everton Football Club

As a proud supporter of both education and sport, Warwick Wealth is honoured to be Everton Football Club’s official cup sponsor. This partnership was formed earlier this year and will continue throughout the 2014/15 season.

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When I was a boy

When I was a boy my entire bedroom was covered in pages from the MCN (Motor Cycle News) and posters of the latest motor bikes. I went to my aunts every year, in the August School Holidays, to watch the Isle of Man GP races. The GP is the lesser known series for amateur boys, those looking to become qualified for the world famous TT races, reserved for the professionals and seriously insane, that takes place every June. I had to bunk school to get to those races, but don’t tell my Mum she thought I was at school camp!

The smell of high octane fuel, especially from TZ Yamaha racing bikes was my drug and as Yamaha built off the peg racers, from 50cc up to 750 cc, my own goal and dream was to own one of those yellow and black babies, of any size.

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Welcome to 2010

So we have finally arrived, we are in the promised land led here by Moses Jordaan, yes it’s 2010 and the next stop is bucketfuls of milk and honey, viva Las FIFA!

Oh yes, I have already let my house out for R1m a week and someone has hired my Citi Golf at R10,000 a day, apparently Hertz and Avis will have nothing to hire out as they have block bookings from North and South Korea!

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Back to Square One

A starter for 10 points, no conferring please! What was the origin of the saying, “back to square one”? I will give you a clue: it dates back to 1932 and involves England and South Africa.

We will return to the answer a little later, but immediately let’s think about âback to square one for a while: what does it mean to you, anything? Does it mean to start again, does it mean to give up what you are doing and begin something else or does it just remind you of an old board game? It doesn’t matter that much, but for some it is a place in which you can suddenly find yourself!

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