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Ian Kilbride, Everton TV, Everton in the Community and the Spirit Foundation

On a recent trip to Liverpool, Ian Kilbride, CEO and Chairman of Warwick Wealth and Chairman of the Spirit Foundation, visited Goodison Park, Everton in the Community (EitC) as well as the Everton Free School. Everton in the Community has done some excellent work in looking after the elderly, sick and also those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Warwick Wealth has attempted to assist them through the purchase of tickets to Everton games which have been utilised by very deserving cases. Ian met with Carena Duffy who is one of numerous people who have made EitC such an amazing success, in addition he met with Richard Cronin the principle of the Everton Free School. The Everton Free School basically assists youngsters who have had troubled childhoods and struggled to stay within the usual school system, fabulous success has been had in assisting these young people to conclude some kind of education and thus go on to other forms of tertiary education or simply find themselves a job and a regular position in society. Ian Kilbride and Richard Cronin have agreed to find a suitable project that Warwick Wealth can sponsor at the Everton Free School on an ongoing basis.


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Warwick Wealth sponsors Everton Football Club

As a proud supporter of both education and sport, Warwick Wealth is honoured to be Everton Football Club’s official cup sponsor. This partnership was formed earlier this year and will continue throughout the 2014/15 season.

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Even Granny Grundy doesn’t keep all her eggs in one basket, so when I read a leading estate agent advising people that their entire investments can be held in property I was a touch surprised.

We know that a spiraling interest rate, 50% up on a year ago, and the complexities of the Credit Act have taken an axe at house sales, but its really a bit rich to try and get people to put all their golden eggs into chicken coups, even if they are made of bricks and mortar!

It also begs the question, is this blatant promotion of a single asset class bordering on asset management? If it is, then should not your friendly neigbourhood estate agent be licenced as a category two discretionary asset manager under FAIS? I will leave that one for you to decide.

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