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Get off the Pedastal

As you get older you begin a process of becoming slightly more cynical. No longer do you jump out of frying pans into fires or run around with that stupid bull in a china shop, or was it in a shop in china?

No, we expect the unexpected and we laugh in the face of face value! So it comes as absolutely no surprise when the bastions, we held up on such high pedestals in our youth, crash down around our ears in a sickeningly normal, human and disappointingly ordinary way!

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Stay in the Market

Over the many, many years that I have been involved in the world’s stock exchanges many people have asked me what is the biggest investment danger of all?

In a simple and often repeated piece of advice, I repeat the words of a very wise and elderly broker for whom I worked back in the 198’s, he just said, the biggest danger of the stock market is not being in it!

Over the years I have seen people pull their money out of the markets and then lose their nerve about going back into it. It is as if by being out of the market they lost their investment nerve entirely. People pull money out of shares for the safer home of bonds and cash, but basically that is a mistake in the medium to long term.

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Daja Vua

Here we go again, Oh my word its R20 to the pound and R10 to the dollar, lets move money out of SA!

Ok, so that’s a slight exaggeration, this week! But what do South Africans need to realise that our economy is at best a decent transitory investment against the first world economies and their currencies?

At R13.50 to the pound and R5.75 to the dollar there was no interest. South African property was a better bet than London, New York, Belfast or Rome! Hello everyone wake up, this is Africa and even us African fans know that this is a delusional view. Now our inflation threatens to rise to 15% due to all the international and local inputs, not to mention an electricity price that may rise 150% over the next two years.

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A Ray of Sunshine

As a general air of public gloom descends and surrounds us it is worth noting that at the end of the day what is more important is our health, family and friends. Money is important as a means to an end and yet is not, in itself, the root of all evil.

No the root of all evil is, they say, “the love of money” and with that I can whole heartedly concur. Yes we will feel the pain of less disposable income, higher fuel prices and more expensive shopping trips, but weighed against the massive benefits we have all enjoyed over the last five years they are but nothing!

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Pocket Money

I now believe the worst thing you can have is a child who is good at Maths. Personally I was never great with the old numbers as a child, hence my slide down that old academic pole into law school.

Maths came to me later in life and consequently I was conned out of numerous pocket money amounts as I never really kept track of what was going on, my Mum and Dad were always the winners!

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