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Warwick Houseview Quarter 1 – 2020

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In support of our government’s efforts against the spread of COVID-19, and most importantly, for our own health and safety and that of our employees and clients, Cadiz Asset Management has continued to be operational throughout the lockdown period.

We have ensured that our highly-qualified and experienced investment analysts and portfolio managers have been set up to work remotely and continue to manage our investment funds uninterrupted.

Our Senior Business Development Managers are able to provide the same level of excellent service to which you are accustomed to, by utilizing video conference facilities via Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp video calling or simply contacting you telephonically. Our switchboard remains operational and calls can then be directed to whomever you may wish to speak with at Cadiz, on our Toll-free number: 0800 02 23 49.

We thank you for your continued support during these challenging and extraordinary times.

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A Message from Ian Kilbride, Chairman of The Spirit Group

Dear Colleagues, Clients, Friends and Supporters

It is now day 8 of our national lock-down and we have all completed our first full week of living within these extraordinary circumstances.  At this time, none of us really knows just how long this lock-down will last, although it is beginning to appear optimistic to think that everything will be back to normal on Monday 20th April.  I am personally not far off my 60th year and, having worked in financial services for thirty five of those years, I can confirm that I have never seen anything as unusual as the circumstances we are currently experiencing.

What I do know for a fact, and I want to share with you today, is a very old saying, one that was often told to me and my siblings by our Nana – a lady who lived to celebrate her 98th birthday.  The simple line was: “This too will pass”. When you are young, you find issues and worries in the smallest of things and, therefore, this line of comfort and re-assurance seemed almost unbelievable.  As the years have rolled by and my own experience and understanding has grown, I realise that every issue does have an ending and a conclusion, so therefore, I say with total confidence (just as Alice Kilbride did with the same assurance): “This too will pass”!

While we are placing the health of our loved ones ‘first’ and are taking great care of our families and friends and indeed ourselves, l wish to address the important topic of our investments, as they are our future and we have all worked hard to accumulate them.

I can say with one hundred percent conviction that there is never a good time to leave the investment markets when they have corrected, regardless of how much they have corrected, or the reason for that correction.  During my long career in the investment industry, the only people I know who suffered dramatic long-term destruction of capital were those who left the market during a major correction.  As far as I am concerned, and this applies 100% to me and every member of my family, you should always be in the market.  History shows us that long before my career started, in fact, long before the careers of my mentors started, one needed to be in the market and stay in the market. 

I am fortunate enough to speak to you as the Chairman of The Spirit Group, an organization that has within it four superb organizations, namely: Warwick, Appleton, Cadiz and Accorn.  Within our group we are lucky enough to have exceptional wealth, asset and fiduciary managers.  Warwick is totally committed to its clients and will continue to communicate with them as ever on a regular basis, as well as remaining totally attentive to all client needs for advice and guidance at this time.  Cadiz is staffed with a dynamic and inspiring team of asset managers who have delivered year to date, as well as over the last 1, 3 and 5 years, exceptional performance when compared to their peer group and their benchmarks. Appleton continues to fight the restrictions placed on the Masters’ Offices, so that they can complete the executorships of all their clients and by so doing, assist in bringing closure to the families involved.  Accorn is Spirit’s 4th investment arm and you will become more aware of their capabilities over the coming twelve months, as they launch across South Africa.

In a nutshell, my family and I take great comfort from knowing that our affairs have been professionally organized and continue to be monitored by Warwick.  We are delighted that Cadiz is the underlying manager of our investment monies, be that via our share portfolios or our units in the Warwick and Cadiz funds, both within South Africa and internationally. 

I am completely confident in relying upon the expertise within Warwick and Cadiz and I believe we should all feel the same way.  There are no better horses, that you or I could back, than Warwick and Cadiz. They are both  impressive wealth and asset managers and, just as it has always been deemed unwise to change horse mid-stream, it is even more illogical if you are already on the prime horse itself, which is where you and I sit today!

Therefore, my own humble message to you is that we all should continue to look after our families, our colleagues and our loved ones. While at the same time we can all trust in the unique and totally committed wealth and asset management expertise that is currently looking after us all.

The next few weeks will be difficult, so please stay safe and healthy, while at the same time knowing that all of the current challenges are surmountable, because in the end I promise you: “This too will pass”! 

Kind Regards

Ian K.

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Appleton Endorsement

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Appleton Endorsement

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The Secret of Success

As a regular traveller within SA and an unfortunate user of very early flights I can state that the economic recovery is well under way! The reasoning behind that prognosis is very simple, but then simplicity has always worked. The man behind the Dow-Jones index originally used the simple test of checking how many chimneys were being used at the steel mills and other factories, as a sign of industrial well being. I believe that a suitably reliable indicator in the 21st century is the length of the queue at airport security at 5.30am. Three years ago that queue, even allowing for inefficiencies, was daunting and quite unbelievably long.

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Exclusive Inclusiveness

I have never quite understood whether “Poles Apar” related to an electromagnetic or geographical opposite, but we all clearly understand it to be opposite viewpoints on the same subject. Over the last few months I have read several letters written by IFA’s, and talked to others, on a subject that seems to divide many service!

Client servicing means many different things to many financial advisors, but one point is clear as long as we are talking about it. We must, hopefully, be striving to improve it. Although I personally cannot abide the arrogance of anyone who dictates and preaches their own perceived virtues, as if they are the only way, it is interesting to listen to or read those who are so convinced of their divine correctness.

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