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Fear, confusion and uncertainly surround many aspects of Wills and Estates Administration. This is an unnecessary and disempowering state of affairs. At Appleton Fiduciary Services, we seek to address this. We believe that open, regular and informed communication with our clients and their heirs is empowering and helps ensure their peace of mind, often during difficult times. To this end we will be publishing a quarterly newsletter, the Appleton Times, that will not only keep our clients and their heirs up to date on Fiduciary Services, but will also serves as a platform for answering queries and questions. Enjoy the read and we would welcome your feedback!

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News : ‘The expansion continues’


The next few months will be a fascinating time within our organisation.  We will be developing and growing into not two, but in fact three separate operations, all with very different business models and objectives, and all with their own identity and exciting future.

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Creating Shared Value in South Africa

The bigger business gets, the higher the expectations that it will do good and act in a socially responsible way. Yet, after decades for corporate social responsibility programmes across the globe, critics note that there is precious little to show and in fact, the public’s trust in big business is declining. This has propelled business to rethink its role in society and morph from programmes of corporate social responsibility towards new policies of creating shared value. This article discusses this important shift.

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