Jul 21

CAMmunique, July 2022

I have pleasure in bringing to you the Cadiz CAMmunique second quarter 2022 investment update.

The frequency and shrillness of market commentators is directly correlated to market fluctuations and so there has been no shortage of market commentary over the previous quarter.

Far too much of this commentary has been short-termist and delivered opinions based on the individual investment biases of the particular analyst, or investment house.

Far too little market commentary during this period of market flux has adopted a longer-term view based on sound investment principles, philosophies and disciplines. This is our objective at Cadiz.

In this quarterly edition of CAMmunique, we provide professional insights on sound investment philosophies during market turbulence, while providing specific market commentary on local equity and fixed income markets and conclude with a perspective on the drivers of and prospects for international markets.

As ever, we invite you to enjoy the read and we would welcome any feedback on content and ideas for future editions of the Cadiz CAMmunique.