Nov 15

Cadiz Asset Management Announced New MD and Chief Investment Officer

Cadiz Asset Management is now fully focused on Fixed Income investments, as a result, Adrian Meager, the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Orion Investment Managers, the owners of Cadiz Asset Management, has appointed Sidney McKinnon to the position of MD and CIO of Cadiz.  Please see below a brief biography of Sidney McKinnon.

Sidney holds a B.Sc from the University of Cape Town and a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the University of Free State.  Having worked in the industry for over thirty years and having specialized in Fixed Income for over twenty-five years, Sidney’s experience and excellent fund management track-record, means that he is perfectly placed to be the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Cadiz Asset Management.

Sidney began his career in computing subsequently fulfilling roles in project management and business analysis of the financial services industry. In the mid-1990’s he took up positions as a quantitative and fixed income analyst at various investment firms, including Southern Life, Nedcor Investment Bank and Abvest Associates. In 2013 Sidney joined the Spirit Invest group (the owners of Orion Investment Managers), to set up the Fixed Income capability of the asset management business. He has been instrumental in building the asset management team at Cadiz Asset Management over the last four and a half years.

Everyone within the group would like to congratulate Sidney and to thank him for the outstanding work he has done in managing the Cadiz Fixed Income Funds.  He and his team have produced superb results year-in and year-out, performance we are confident can be maintained for years to come.