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Technophobe Dad’s – what every family needs!


I am officially a technophobe I know this because my lovely teenagers tell me this every time I show any IT ignorance, or fail to operate the latest twit, twot or What’s Up correctly! Yes “What’s Up”, why, because of the delicious pleasure that is derived in watching the teenagers writhe in their superior techno agony when I say it out loud. I get off on “using the Google,” or my real favourite “I just got off the World Wide Web!”

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Ian Kilbride

Was Henry Ford truly that articulate?

Nothing succeeds like a toothless budgie! Not the greatest quote I have ever come up with, but this has been a few weeks of hard work and extremely inspiring growth within Warwick Wealth.

What I have noticed however, is that great quotes are now everywhere, LinkedIn, Google, Exclusive Books, badly maintained office blocks and more. For some reason though I have been absorbing these snippets of wisdom, when previously they flew past me like a sparrow on speed!

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Why the Belvedere Ponzi reminds me of Fidentia

It has been about a month since my last article but that was all done simply to get you all panting with excitement for this latest instalment. Actually, Alec Hogg, an old friend and fellow entrepreneur told me to “get some real work done”, so I did and left the field open for his great journalistic mind.

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Two speed generations and rooting for the youngsters

Every now and then someone asks why I have a company that concentrates on the over 50’s, so once I have explained the lighter points of not really understanding the younger generations, their total obsession with phones and messaging and their lack of taste in music it is time for the harder business realities of the position. Fundamentally it is not really that complicated, just ask yourself what is the largest growing population group on the planet and which population group is growing faster than any other, not only now but at any other time in human history? The answer is the Over 50’s.

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Who else like Ian Kilbride at Warwick Wealth is going to appreciate the benefits of supporting ‘My’ opera Lost in a Bluebell Wood composed/written by Rexleigh Bunyard and produced by Arnold Cloete of Gauteng Opera? Help take the ‘dis’ out of disability!” Coincidences???

‘My’ opera, “Lost in a Bluebell Wood” will cost money. We need to raise a million rand to get it into production. But, we are making headway!

In early December we drove to Prince Albert to see Nicky Rebelo in his one man show The Kreutzer Sonata. I was looking out the window, daydreaming. Suddenly my dreams were halted by this red and blue sign on the fence of the Oudtshoorn bowls club. It seemed to jump out at me. WARWICK WEALTH it said in its bold lettering that couldn’t help but catch my eye. Warwick Wealth, I wondered, before my attention was caught up by the scenery of that wonderful drive over the Swartberg Pass.

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Bastille Day

Bastille Day, 14th July, a day of celebration and joy in France and the cry of Libertè, Égalitè, Fraternitè is heard throughout the streets on Montmartre and a general sense of bon homme prevails across the country. Can you imagine, however, just how well 14th July 2008 was celebrated in Riyadh, Dallas and Aberdeen, not because any of them particularly love the French and their sense of freedom, no simply because on that day oil went to $145 a barrel, its highest price in the last ten years.

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What is Democracy?

Democracy as we know it, has it already peaked as an effective form of ensuring that the “people,” other than professional politicos get what they truly want?

Can you imagine “Dave of the people Cameron”, being kicked out simply for failing to deliver on his promises of five years ago? Or can you visualise “Jacob protector of the constitution Zuma”, being thrown off his constitutionally destructive perch just because he lied, cheated and stole the people’s money? The answer is probably no to both, which is in itself a very sad and troubling position for us all to be in, given that we believe that we live in a democracy.

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Male retail therapy – hidden fuel for economy

I enter the cool environment and smell that manly aroma, immediately you see them and know that they are all lost souls. In a dreamlike state, they wonder the isles looking for things they neither need or require things they will possibly, no probably, never use, but for a brief moment they must own it more than anything else in the world.

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Reflections on political hypocrisy in wake of Charlie Hebdo, Nigerian atrocities

It has been said that “Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely”, but what is more subtle is the ability of politicians all over the world to forget almost instantly their previously stated positions on many issues.

At first I felt rather sick listening to the American big guns become instant lovers of free speech, freedom of the press and generally “freedom” of everything. My first impression was that they are just acting like a “real Charlie” rather than relating to anything that Charlie Hebdo actually stands for.

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2015: Live Life to the full

In January 1990 I stepped off a ferry in Ceuta Morocco and started a love affair with Africa that has lasted 25 years and one I hope will last another 50 years, as long as I still have my wits about me as I will then be 102 years old.

What then followed was a six month journey covering fascinating lands, lakes and rivers and took in over twenty African nations, all varied, challenging and fascinating in their own way. The memories from that adventure will live with me forever, but it will remain uniquely the only six months of my life about which I can recall, even a quarter of a century later, exactly where I was and what I was doing in any particular month. A truly amazing experience and virtually impossible to repeat today, as many areas of Algeria, Nigeria, DRC (Zaire as it was then) and several other nations are simply no go zones and or completely inaccessible.

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