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Mandela Day

In recognition of the unique legacy bequeathed to our country by President Nelson Mandela, our team pooled their resources to donate toys, food and other goodies for the Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC). Madiba had a special fondness for children as is evidenced by his Children’s Foundation and so we felt it right and fitting that we support a Foundation not only for children, but one that cares for those young ones suffering from the ravages of cancer. Our donation and charitable giving reminds us that, while we are in the business of asset management, we also have a duty and responsibility to contribute to our country and help improve the lives of the most vulnerable. We hope that our gift to CHOC House did just this.

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The Spirit Foundation

The Spirit Foundation have been working again with Everton in the Community to launch a Choir in the L4 District of Liverpool, the object of which is to bring people together who perhaps require some fellowship and company. L4 has been particularly hard hit by government spending cuts and is troubled by ongoing gang related violence and crime. We all hope that the Choir can act as a great shared interest for all those who choose to become involved and we would like to congratulate EitC and in particular Carena Duffy for all the hard work in putting this great initiative together.

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Spirit Community Foundation

A proud moment for the Spirit Community Foundation. As the sponsors of the Everton Disability Team we wish them every success in the European Championship. Here the team are at Manchester Airport about to leave for Tibilisi in Georgia. We wish them every success!

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Appleton News

Fear, confusion and uncertainly surround many aspects of Wills and Estates Administration. This is an unnecessary and disempowering state of affairs. At Appleton Fiduciary Services, we seek to address this. We believe that open, regular and informed communication with our clients and their heirs is empowering and helps ensure their peace of mind, often during difficult times. To this end we will be publishing a quarterly newsletter, the Appleton Times, that will not only keep our clients and their heirs up to date on Fiduciary Services, but will also serves as a platform for answering queries and questions. Enjoy the read and we would welcome your feedback!

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Lending a hand in the community!

Our latest advert for the Big Issue.

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News : ‘The expansion continues’


The next few months will be a fascinating time within our organisation.  We will be developing and growing into not two, but in fact three separate operations, all with very different business models and objectives, and all with their own identity and exciting future.

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Warwick Wealth and Cadiz Asset Management Pay It Forward

Many of you will have seen the Warwick and Cadiz sponsored bibs worn by The Big Issue vendors on our busy streets. There is even a facility on these bibs for you to pay for your Big Issue using a QR reader, so it couldn’t be easier.

As a long time sponsor of the Big Issue and its vendors, we believe that we are helping hard-working individual entrepreneurs make an honest living, providing hope, opportunity and a step up towards self-worth.

So it warmed all of our hearts when we discovered the story of Bongani, one of the local Big Issue sellers, being gifted a car by one of his long-time customers. Please click on the below link to see a brief video of this beautiful interaction. It makes us both humble and proud to be the sponsors of the Big Issue and to provide these wonderful entrepreneurs a daily opportunity.

Hopefully this will stimulate others to emulate our contribution and make a difference to the many thousands of great South Africans trying to make an honest living, day in and day out, month in and month out, come rain or shine!

Jeremy Olivier gifts friendly newspaper salesman with a car

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Spirit Invest


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Adapt or die from climate change!

Whereas Cape Town is emerging from a catastrophic drought, other parts of South Africa are now threatened. This article looks more closely at the United Nations panel on climate change and the ever-shrinking 12-year window we have to avoid a global catastrophe.

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Never Again!

If the tenure of Jacob Zuma was lamented as one of despondency and corruption, President Ramaphosa has made it is mission to inspire a ‘New Deal’ for South Africa and drain the swamp of corruption. This article examines his progress so far.

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