Mar 31


An estate is the sum of your assets (everything you own) minus your liabilities (anything you owe). An estate can be made up of fixed and moveable property, investments, cash in the bank, unpaid salary and shares. But what, then, is an estate plan? At its most basic level, estate planning is the process of establishing how your assets and affairs will be managed when you die, or if you become incapacitated. Everyone needs an estate plan. Individuals also often associate estate planning with a last Will and testament, and while less than 25% of South Africans have a Will in place, the Will is not the only element of estate planning. In short, a well-conceived estate plan considers risks to your assets and effectively safeguards those assets. This raises two fundamental questions for individuals: what are the potential risks to my assets, and what measures can I take to preserve my wealth? The Estate Preservation Plan offers a holistic solution. The plan not only addresses the need for a professionally drafted executable Will but also provides your heirs with a level of financial protection. The cover includes benefits related to immediate cash needs of your estate, administrative costs, executor’s fees and minor debtors, as well as offering financial assistance to cover monthly expenses of your dependants. Contact Appleton for an estate preservation consultation on 0800 50 60 70 or visit