Feb 22


Dying without a Will, or even an incorrectly drafted Will, causes delays in the finalisation of your Estate, and this impacts directly on the beneficiaries’ abilities to move forward in life. Although not recommended, you can draft your own will, but you need to make sure that it complies with all the relevant formalities to be accepted as a valid will. If not, the winding up of your estate could take longer, and cost more, while the courts decide around the legal complexities of a possible incorrectly drafted Will. Free Wills tend to be generic in nature, and often do not take into account your specific needs, and desires. Each individual is different, and we don’t all fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. An Appleton specialist will draft your Will at no cost. The Estate Preservation Plan’s Lifetime Will and Storage Benefit will make sure that:1. Your will is professionally drawn up: The first step is to make sure that you have a will, and the second step is to make sure that it’s drawn up 100% correctly.2. Your will is executable: Not only does your Will need to be signed and witnessed correctly, but there are other considerations that need to be addressed to ensure that your wishes are complied with. Our specialist service providers make sure this is all in order.3. Your will is current: Our specialist service providers follow up with you to ensure that as your circumstances change your will is updated to cater for the changes.4. Your will is safely stored: Our specialist service providers ensure that your will is kept secure and accessible in a fireproof, waterproof and theftproof vault. Contact Appleton for an estate preservation consultation on 0800 50 60 70 or visit www.appleton.com