Jul 18

A Note to Warwick Clients

Dear Warwick Clients

A few interesting facts for your assistance.

The term “Platinum Client” has become an exciting addition to Warwick’s South African offering. Any client can become a Platinum client by simply having the following;

  1. An Investment with Warwick Invest valued at R500,000.
  2. A policy with Warwick Cover valued at R500 per month.
  3. A will with Warwick Trust with an estate value of over R500,000.

These are not high hurdles and should anyone have these three products Warwick reward the client by either paying for the client’s grass roots sporting costs (club, district and national fees) or alternatively rewards the client with R500 on the client’s birthday and then again at Christmas. Contact your Specialist, Client Relationship Officer (CRO) or Warwick Client Care directly on 0800 50 50 50 and they will advise you and assist with the process of obtaining your Platinum status.

Warwick has opened new Cape Town offices, to accommodate the growing Client Care and Sales team, known as Warwick Specialists. If you are visiting them they are still at the Alphen Estate, but now in the Great Cellar, the Warwick entrance is at the end of the building closest to La Belle Restaurant.

If you are visiting and require a parking bay, or any further assistance, then please call ahead on 0800 50 50 50 and all will be arranged for you. The office has its own lift, so you should have no problem accessing any part of the building.

On Saturday, 20th July a new Warwick marketing campaign begins, explaining the Warwick Over 50’s product offering. There will be an advert on the front page of the Weekend Argus’ Personal Finance section. Over the coming months and years the profile of Warwick will continue to become more public. This is simply to match the success of the companies’ products and services and thus the growth of the company in general across South Africa.

More and more people are asking about Warwick’s products and wanting to know how they can access them, so we hope a more public face and the promotion of our 0800 50 50 50 will assist.

Quarter Two of 2013 saw a record number of new staff commence their new professional positions in all of Warwick’s South African offices, namely Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

The excellent packages for suitably qualified and experienced professionals has made Warwick an even more desirable company to work for. Warwick remain totally committed to the ongoing training of all existing staff and the continued search for quality people to join our Team, thus ensuring that Warwick clients deal with only the very best people available in South Africa.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note and don’t forget that via 0800 50 50 50 you can contact anyone within Warwick for free. Therefore, no matter where you are in South Africa, simply call 0800 50 50 50, if the person you are looking for is not available then they will be messaged and asked to call you back.


If any client does not receive a requested response, to any issue, from their relevant Specialist or CRO within 24 hours then I ask you to call my office via 0800 50 50 50 or email me via clientcare@warwickwealth.com and I will personally investigate and ensure that you receive the service and client care you deserve. I am, as ever, totally committed to ensure that Warwick delivers service and client care to the highest standard available anywhere in South Africa.

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