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Debar, or not to Debar, that is the question?

When is a contract not a contract, when does acting in a fit and proper manner not apply, and when does acting in a fit and proper manner still lead to debarment?

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Addictive Personalities

Someone I know well, a colleague and partner that I have grown up with my entire working life, let’s call him Mr. Jones, has been a horrible substance addict for around five years. That is actually a little unfair, as he has been clean for almost a month and I personally think he is going to make it all the way back to a normal functioning existence!

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The Public Voice

The wonderful thing about democracy is how politicians are just so much more intelligent than the mere people who elect them into power in the first place.

Yes, it is a common fact that democracy has to be seen to be, rather than actually be, democratic. The man with the vote matters very little, he is spun a ‘manifesto’ of ideas that he votes for, but he must then accept that these were simply nice to haves and not necessarily things that would ever occur. In fact he might even find his chosen politician, and or party, swimming in the opposite direction to that for which he voted.

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Appleton a Way of Life

Ian Kilbride Appleton Warrington, Ian Kilbride Appleton School, Ian Kilbride Appleton the Company. A long term association, a slow progression over many years and a lifelong love of Appleton as a concept, village and as my home. My name and that of Appleton have been linked, and or used, in the same sentence since I was nothing but a wee boy, in fact even as a big boy when I captained Appleton Grammar School 1st XV rugby team, well to be honest I wasn’t very big then either!

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Why South Africa is simply the best!

My journey to South Africa was indeed itself an epic one, but once here I knew within days that I would never leave.  I had taken seven months to reach the Mother City, travelling from London to Cape Town, via foot, car, truck, boat, train, bus and finally an old “mail and milk flight” from Johannesburg to Cape Town.  That final hop was a cold 2am flight which then cost around R50, one way of course!

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Reality Bites

I have four fabulous children that I know of (two by blood and two by marriage) I say that with humility and candour, as one day it may turn out that I actually have a couple more out there that I don’t know about, however, in the meantime please don’t tell Mrs K that I said that as I value my life and it is now said only as a way of introducing the idea of one’s own “reality”. So what is your reality, how solid and how happy are you with your life’s reality today? Personally I am one of those people who is never happy, passive, or accepting of their current position, and to be honest I don’t know why that is.

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Bloomberg, blondes and free lunch!

Born in Warrington Lancashire England, a good working class town of steel wire and chemicals, we were taught basically that the more you want something, the less likely you are to get it.

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Advertising is about selling yourself, not your competitors

I am busy finalising a new marketing campaign on behalf of Warwick Limited, it is not a revolution of their market positioning but rather, as Mercedes may say, “an evolution” of an existing theme. The problem is, as it has always been in marketing, that of uniqueness.

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Beware of boom-and-bust stock market listings

It has been such a confusing couple of weeks on the market and the Gloria Gecko of Warrington has been back on my case again after an absence of several years.

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What the Scottish referendum tells us about South Africa

So in a narrow revolt against the William Wallace of the 21st century, Mr Alex Salmond, the Scots have “given up their freedom”, or at least continue under Westminster’s rule.

Other than a brief moment, when the “ruling establishment of Westminster” panicked following a poll showing the YES tartan hordes ahead, a moment that even saw Mr Dave Cameron call his own party the “effing Tories,” was there ever any real doubt? Yes there was and, at times the head of the NO vote, Alistair Darling, seriously looked like the YES votes’ secret weapon, but even that stiff twit could not get the Scots to jump ship and go all native!

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